We at Medicall have  a vision to use Blockchain technology to provide both healthcare professionals and patients access to electronic healthcare records via a secure, auditable and safe system.

Our team  will develop a telemedicine platform that allows patients to engage in online consultations with doctors via video call using the Medicall phone app.

Doctors will have access to the Medicall web browser based system, to communicate with patients, view, edit, and share patient data while still maintaining an authoritative and up to date record of diagnoses, medications, and services rendered.

Smart contracts will allow people to pay for healthcare independently of where they are viathe company’s token. This same type of currency  will be accepted by all healthcare professionals around  the world.


  • Secure and easy access to your own electronic health records at all times
  • Online consultations via video call using the app
  • Video consultation service inside pharmacy consulting rooms
  • No waiting time
  • Overcome geographic barriers by providing high quality healthcare to people in remote areas

we provide necessary solutions for

we cover a wide variety of medical services

Medicall will assist qualified doctors to earn extra income by attracting clients from new regions

Assuring our clients work out with correct form via the video consultation service.

We aim to provide quality support to individuals by conducting clinical consultations and diagnostic assessments.

Promoting good dietary health and treating nutritional problems.

We aim to provide high quality healthcare to patients from remote regions

We offer private consultation rooms in pharmacies that are affiliated with us.


Yasin Bhayat

Medical Doctor

Dr Yasin Bhayat (MBBS, BSc, MRCGP) is a Medical doctor who qualified from Kings college- University of London in 2006. He currently works as a GP at S [...]

Imdadullah Shaikh

Medical Doctor

Dr Imdadullah Shaikh (MBBS) is a South African that recently graduated as a Medical doctor from Wenzhou Medical University. We believe that his backg [...]

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